Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We are At Your Mercy

We are at your mercy Lord.

Japan has suffered a natural disaster... and massive destruction. Losses and despair.
Haiti is still waiting to be fed... to the full.
Africa needs clean water, as babies continue to die from malnutrition.
Iran is always in turmoil.
Mexico's poverty leads the hopeless to our country in search of hope.
America suffers from terminal illnesses and the curse of wealth,
plagued by the "me, myself, and I" disease.

Our world is a painful mess.
The world needs a savior.

And we search in means for food, but the babes are still hungry.
We send healing to the sick, but death is close at sight.
We write out checks in the name of humanity, but it's just not enough.

And we hold control in a tight grip, claiming ownership of it all. Our fists we swing up at the sky, asking "where are you God in all of this?"

And then a cool and lingering breeze caresses our faces, as our eyes are fixed on the heavens.
We close our eyes... we undo our fists... our hands wide open... our eyes wide-shut
And we fall to our knees in bare humility
Humbled by the one who is in control

And we stand still, as if frozen by His majesty
Only then, do we see His mercy

And finally we admit and whisper this small but heartfelt prayer, "Truly God, we are at your mercy."

I encourage you to pray this prayer with me today.

Romans 9:16

16 It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.


  1. i was struck by the following:

    And we stand still, as if frozen by His majesty
    Only then, do we see His mercy

    What a wonderful God we serve!!! Connie