Friday, March 18, 2011

Living by Your Own Rules

Judges 21:25In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

I work at a Christian school, and by no means does that mean that it is a perfect place. As a matter of fact, at times it can be very discouraging and frustrating--especially when you see kids behaving in a careless fashion. Kids that profess Christ. Some openly and others quietly. Nevertheless, you start to wonder at times if anything is really sinking in.

What good is it to memorize the "Jesus Loves Me" song, if we live like we've never even heard of His love.

I'm reminded of this almost daily.
I give out instructions that are not followed accurately.
Students give their own "wishy washy" interpretations to things that are clearly stated.
Papers are turned in late, just because.
There is no evidence of remorse, when someone is wrong.
We cheat to get our way.
We lie, and justify it with more lies.
We talk behind eachother's backs, in the name of concern and love.

Wait...... did I just say "we"? Why am I including myself in all of this?

I do things right.
I'm the self-righteous one.
Of course, I do things right.

"I'm not a cheat.
I don't steal.
I do my best to be real...."

-Real with whom?
-Real, where?
"Where it's safe, of course.
Behind closed doors?"

-What's so real about that?
"It's somewhat real."


And so the daily routine of playing a part in this world "without a judge" is getting old.
You ever hear the saying, "There are too many chiefs and not enough indians?"

Everyone wants to be boss and ruler. Everyone feels like being their own judge.
What you see as right, may not be what I feel is right.
And what I see as wrong, you may deem plausible.
And the interpretations go on and on from person to person.

The problem is that when we get right down to reality, we are not the rulers, or bosses, or judges.
In fact, when we try to be, the results are always chaotic-- because we were never meant to be those things!

Why? because there already is a judge and ruler. And it's not us!

We all need a guide. We all need a definite direction.
Not a suggestion.
Not intuition.
Gut feelings, superstition.

God knew that we would need to know right from wrong. God knew that we would need a source of guidance. He also knew that we would struggle to follow the guide. Nevertheless, it is there... for us

God's word is our life's guide and direction.
It is the true source of what is right and wrong.

If only we would let it rule.

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