Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 friends in Heaven

I have 3 friends waiting for me in heaven.
One is paving the way.
The other has prepared a meal.
And the other is making my bed.

Don't be alarmed. I'm not supposing that I'll be leaving anytime soon.
But only that it's nice to know I have 3 friends awaiting my stay.

My friend Yolanda passed away today.
And I'm struggling to let go.
Letting go, is never an easy thing.
But the Almighty God decided it was time, and He lead her to her new home today.

She'd still be here today, had it been up to me.
But it was totally out of my control. In fact, I had no say.
And I'm not one to question the one who gives and takes.

On one of my last hospital visits with her, as we said our good-byes, she told me that "Hopefully the next time I come see her, it will be in her home and she will be better."

And so tonight, I know that she's home and feeling 100 percent better. So much better that there's no trace of disease, no imprints of tears, no lingering pain....
She is whole...

And as she gathers with friends, she celebrates.
As she contemplates His face, she's overwhelmed by grace.

Holy, Holy, Holy, is His name.
Eternal power, glory, and praise.

I have 3 friends waiting for me in heaven.
And she's the one paving the way.

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  1. Nothing brings more comfort to us when someone leaves, than knowing that we were a good friend. Take comfort in knowing that you were special to her and that indeed she is better now. Love you