Friday, July 1, 2011

Got Talent?

Romans 11:29,
"for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable."

What are you good at?
Is there something you've always felt confident doing?

Joseph was a brilliant administrator--
David was a brave leader.
Deborah was good at discerning right from wrong.
Esther was beautiful, wise and discreet.
and even Delilah was good at using her skills.

"I'm a good writer!" my daughter cried out today. And she very well is. Now she has heard me say time and time again that she is.
You see I have vivid recollections of her as a toddler walking around our home with a pencil and paper in hand. She would make her lists of scribbles with much pride, and this could be her entertainment for hours. And still today, writing is her favorite thing to do.

Caleb is my thoughtful planner. He is my dutiful militant, as well. He's got great management skills that come off as a bit disrespectful at times because it seems like he's trying to "boss me around". In time, however, I suspect those skills will be most beneficial to him and others. Kristian is the entertainer and "people person". His heart is wide open for serving others and just enjoying the fellowship, and yet he's consistent and committed to God, first and foremost. I think he makes for a wonderful pastor.

I'm currently reading "The Cure for the Common Life" by Max Lucado. Essentially, it is a book that reminds us about our God-given skills, talents, and abilities and that when we use them for God, we then live a full life. As a result, I have been reminded lately of my God-given skills and how I should be using them. And I want to encourage you in the same way.

I was about 12 years old when I began to write poetry. I could not get enough of it, especially since I realized that I wasn't half-bad at it. I remember writing a short story that my mother had me show the pharmacist she worked with, and it was with great pride she received his compliments for my work. In high school, I remember writing the "love notes" for a few of my friends, who were stuck on what to write to their love interests. And so you see, I developed this skill a long time ago, and I still enjoy it so. There are some other things I feel really confident about. Like I can be very creative. I love to plan special events. I'm a visionary. I love to create things that will fulfill the needs of others.

And so, I'm currently challenging myself to get back to these skills and use them for God's glory. So what about you? Where do you fall in this spectrum? Have you thought about your strengths and skills lately? Or has life got you in its whirlwind of distractions? It's so easy to get distracted by the everyday demands that we forget what we are good at. And then again, some people are not sure what it is they're good at.

I was reading a children's book with Ciara today, and the main character had this dilemma. She could not pinpoint what it was that she was good at. In the meantime, she was using her skills in so many different ways. She just failed to see that, indeed, she was very talented. So if this is the case for you today, I encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the things that you know you are good at. Then think about how much time you are spending doing those things or using those skills. You might feel like you don't have the time. Regardless, give yourself a moment to reflect and think of at least one way that you can bring glory to God using your talent.

If you're not sure what talents you possess, think about something that you do that brings you joy or affirms your confidence.
The desire to lead... God gave you those leadership skills.
The tendency to show care for the less fortunate... God has blessed you with heart of mercy.
The ability to speak before a crowd... God gave you those speaking skills.
The motivation to create things... God made you this way.
And since He gave you these skills, it only makes sense that you would use them for Him in return.
Lastly, you don't have to feel badly about "showing off" your skills for God. That is why He gave them to you, in the first place.

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