Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Five Letter Words

“Long words bother me.” - Pooh

I don't like long words either. I like short words. So I decided to list my favorite short words. And it just so happens that they are all four to six letter words.
1. Grace
2. Mercy
3. Jesus
4. Love
5. Peace
6. Andy
7. Caleb
8. Ciara
9. Kris
10. Praise

I don't like words like catastrophe and temptations and tribulations and suffering and betrayal and deception and abductions and .... (although I know from experience, there can be real and good purpose in those)

Oh, but what about words like: celebrations and salvation and sanctification and willingness and submission and loyalty and faithfulness and possibilities and miracles and victorious and wholeness and happiness and surrender and deliverance and serenity...

And then there are those little words that we can't live without: pure, joy, holy, God...

Words... Oh what's in a word, anyway?
Words are just words...
Not so.

In fact, words will help determine how you will live your life, what will most matter to you, and what will not.
Like today, I was DETERMINED. Determined to make the most of opportunities and bring glory to God. Tonight I'm HUMBLED. Humbled by the way God works in and through us according to His will. I am also HOPEFUL. Hopeful for a bright tomorrow because of God's promises.

Now let me go back to my favorite words. His MERCY found me in my lowest state, and because of His mercy, I rose above. His GRACE gave me what I could never earn on my own- eternity in heaven. I seek to live in His PEACE everyday. I am humbled by His LOVE. And I PRAISE Him for my family who leads me closer to Him.

There you have it, my favorite words.
Oh... did I fail to mention? JESUS...

Jesus is my very favorite word. Jesus is the most beautiful and most powerful word. Jesus is the reason I have grace and mercy and peace and love and a family who loves me. Jesus is the reason I'm alive today. Jesus is the reason for my tomorrow. Jesus is everything to me.
Jesus- my most favorite word.

What's yours?


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  2. some of my favorite words, RESTORATION, FORGIVEN...

  3. This is such a great list!
    One of my favorite words: Overcome.