Monday, August 2, 2010

My sister's birthday I'm working on what to write on my sister's birthday card, as I try to figure how old she'll be this year.
I always calculate-- she's five years older than me--- so that makes her..... when in my multitasking, I receive an email with a special prayer request for a woman I don't really know but who is 45 years old and just found out she has cancer. She's got a husband and children.

Age is so tricky. Life's structure is tricky too. Sometimes everything looks and feels pretty sturdy and stable, and other times, everything is shaky and it all comes caving in.
My sister will be turning 44 this year.
She looks great for her age. She's always been the "chipper" of us too. Always looking at the bright side of things. Going with the flow. Takes everything at face value. Enjoys life. Doesn't question much....

Me...well I'm convinced there's always more to that "free handout". Nothing in life is free! Everything comes with a price. It's just hard to find the price tag many times.

Oh, but this isn't about me...
My sister and I have the kind of bond that so many women wish they had. My fondest memories of her are of our childhood. I guess because there was some turmoil in our childhood. But my sister was always there for me. She took the time to teach me right from wrong. She taught me how to read and write. When I was scared, she sang me lullabies. She comforted me. She cried with me. When no one else cared, she looked out for me. When I was angry at the world, she reached out to me in love. When friends were no longer around, she remained. She was a strong structure that helped hold me up in life.

And even now as adults... I've seen life's shaky and unstable times more than I would like to share....
She has too.
Relationships gone bad. Health scares. Losses. All of it brings us uncertainties in life. And age continues to creep up on us, although we wish we could turn back time.
And although I feel my life's structure is not always as sturdy and stable as I would like when hard times come my way, I can still say my sister is there.
She helps the structure of my life remain.

Oh, but this is not about me.

So on this birthday, I pray for my sister's health and well spirits to be steadfast. That she may never find a price tag on anything at all. That it may all come free. Like God's grace.
And if life's structure comes undone, that she may find the strength within to stand strong.

Lastly, I pray that the wife and mother who has received terrible news will be able to find the strength and structure in her life to hold her up today.

Ephesians 1:6 "to the praise of his glorious grace, which he has freely given us in the One he loves."

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  1. I will never grow tired of saying that God has given me that best family ever. The fact that I had the privilege of being the oldest can only remind me of how perfect God is in his ways. Nothing can give me greater satisfaction than to know that I have a sister who is a wonderful woman, kind, sensitive and yes, beautiful, and that we share a bond that nothing will ever break. Being there has been easy because... you are a part of me. Thank you. Your sister, Ani