Thursday, December 29, 2011


Childhood friend
Never forget.

Blood sister even.
Never regret.

It's the person who believes you and takes you as you are.
She's too young to care about looks, beliefs, and attributes.
No prejudices there, what matters is you.

It's the smile, with the dimples, the one imprinted in your mind.
Fun times, silly times, and simple being close times.

It's the child that never grows up because your memories live on.
It's your wildest dream coming to life, when all fear is gone.

The bike rides down city streets. The walks in a lonely cemetery.
The pranks, the calls, the fights, the talks.

It's a young girl without a name because daddy's gone and mom pushes her away.
It's her shadow in the dark.
It's her cry without words.
It's her courage still suppressed.
By the demands of this world.

It's a girl now turned to woman.
Leaving traces on my heart.
Distance is but a gasp, although we are far apart.

The childhood smile fades away, though it appears from time to time.
There's more to life...
New dreams and hopes.
Our own little ones to raise.
Determining to be there unlike our parents were.

And we've done good.
We've done great.

Best wishes to you, my childhood friend.

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