Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This is the Story About a Woman

This is the story about a woman who was distracted.
This is the story about a woman who was angry.
This is the story about a woman who was sad and depressed.
This is the story about you and me.

And as my mind gathers up the glimpses of these different women making up the image of us all, I feel compelled to reach out to  my sisters with concern.

There is a woman who is trying to maintain a certain level of sanity in what seems like an unexpected life. She never imagined herself in this place.  She's not quite sure why, but her children are always struggling and her husband is distant.  Somehow, somewhere everything changed for her and now she's left to spend her days mostly alone.  There resides a certain disconnect that she cannot even explain, which has left her to only fantasize about what she doesn't truly have.  And all she knows is that she feels unwanted.  And her mind wanders, as she finds herself flipping through the channels, folding the pages of Hollywood's magazines, scrolling down the statuses of everyone else, dreaming about the life she could have had but doesn't.  And she's not quite sure how she got here.  This is the story about a woman who was distracted enough by  her unrealistic expectations that she forgot to trust the one true God with the reality of life.

There is a woman who is feeling a great sense of entitlement.  And by the same token, she feels angry because her rights are not being validated.  She doesn't understand why everyone around her is so screwed up, and she's angry that they can't get it right.  It seems that her family and friends always let her down.  She is highly disappointed and seems to have every right.  Her loved ones abandoned her, feeling helpless it seems. They preferred to give her space due to all of their recorded mistakes.  Hence, she has become bitter.  Nothing satisfies.  Nothings brings joy.  Instead, everything frustrates and everything annoys.  To the point, that she's now annoyed with God.  If He truly cared, he'd make things right.  Right?  In her ignorance, she's forgotten the abundance of mercies that God once shed upon her.  This is the story about a woman who thought too highly of herself and her perception of who she is in the sight of God has been distorted.  

There is a woman I know who is sad and depressed. And my heart breaks just thinking about it.  Life has been unkind.  If only she could rewind.  But the tears don't take away all of the hurt she has to face.  She watches as death takes it toll on friends, as her own health if failing.  Her heart is heavy and burdened by the amount of suffering she has witnessed and is carrying.  Why can't her daughter be well?  Why must the divorce come now?  Why can't the world stop turning, if only just for right now?  And where is God in all of this?  She swore she knew how, to say a prayer and trust in God; but not now.  This is the story about a woman who's faith grew faint and lost sight of everything that was once evidence that God is always near.

There is a woman, and I am she.  There is a woman, and it is you as well. When your focus begins to quiver, and is no longer fixated.  When what surrounds us becomes bigger and we can no longer see it.  That is when we lose sight of the one who has loved us and called us.  That is when our circumstances begin to dictate how we'll be feeling.  And that is when, even then, God is faithful and continues to work out His perfect plan in our lives, even though we don't see it or feel it.  That's the beauty of God.  That although we lose our way, our sight, and ourselves, He remains constant chipping away at his masterpiece, putting the pieces together, mending, forgiving, loving, bringing us back to Him.  Our worst mistakes cannot change His purpose.  He remains.

Be encouraged my friend and sister!  His love is greater than you can imagine.  And your issues can never outdo His love and mercy.  He sees you.  He forgives you.  He cares for you.

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