Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If you Give your Wife flowers

I couldn't help it. I had to write this one.
It's based on real events and on the fact that every day, everywhere, there's an opportunity to bless and/or to be blessed.

Go on, invite some friends over, and make some tea!

If you give your wife flowers, she's gonna want a vase to go with it.
She will run around the house looking for the perfect vase
and when she can't find one,
She will rush to the nearest department store to buy it.

As she walks around the store, she notices a few other items that she needs to get
like ranch dressing, Bisquick, and shake & bake.
She takes a box of jello and popcorn too.

Finding these yummy items makes her forget about the flowers and the vase.

Until she's ready to check out, and the cashier asks, "did you find everything you wanted?"

She says, "actually I couldn't find a vase, but I found all of these other things instead."

The cashier rings the items up and tells her the total,
when she realizes that she's short 17 cents.

She tells the cashier, "I hate to say it but I regret having come here in the first place. You see I came here for a vase and now I'm short 17 cents... and so I'm not sure how I got into this mess..."

Noticing her distress, the cashier quickly reaches into her own wallet and gives her the much needed change.

The random act of kindness reminds her that every moment is a chance to make a difference in some one's day. So she feels a lot better, in fact, she feels blessed.

Making her hurried way back home, she feels a little thirsty. So she decides to pour herself a glass of cold iced tea. As she pours out the tea, she notices the jar that it's in. And decides this is the perfect thing!

So she pours out six glasses of cold tea, calls her six favorite friends. She fills up the now empty jar with water, sets the flowers inside, places them on the table and decides, "it's party time!"
Her friends arrive, they watch a chic flick, nibble on popcorn, while drinking tea.
Alas, the flowers sit beautifully as a centerpiece.

As she makes her way to bed, she gives her husband a kiss. "Thank you for the flowers honey. They blessed me indeed."

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