Monday, January 23, 2012

When you Give your Wife a Waffle Maker :)

Okay so I am most grateful for the waffel maker that I received from my darling husband last Christmas. It is perfect. However, as I wanted to write about it depicting gratitude, I couldn't help but get sidetracked into this, my version of all of the "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" kinds of books. And here it is!

When you give your wife a waffle maker,
She'll be quick to put it to use.

She'll fill a bowl with flour,
and eggs, and milk, and oil too.

She'll mix and mix until all lumps are gone,
and she's ready to taste the batter.

When she tries the batter,
she's reminded of all of those wonderful breakfast places she's ever been to
Like the IHOP and Cracker Barrel

So she puts the batter away,
and calls for a family meeting...

And decides to be democratic,
"Who'd like to go out for breakfast today?!"
She charges with a contagious, upbeat, and most influential tone in her voice.

"ME!" they all respond.
And so it is... majority rules----
"Wake up daddy! Let's move!"

As he makes his way to the car, and starts the ignition with a bit of confusion on his face,
he leans over to give her a morning kiss.

The warm morning kiss reminds her that she left the waffle maker on,
So she jumps out the car, runs back inside, and turns it off.

And away they go!

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