Saturday, January 23, 2016


Contrasts... I think God is into contrasts.  And I've become more aware of it these days.  As I look out my window in the early hours of the day, and I see the coral streaks of bold beautiful color up against the grayish morning sky.  And I smile.  It's the sun rising.  Although I can barely see it beyond the colorless homes and trees lined up against it in the horizon.  Most things are surrounded by contrasts.  Some things strikingly stand out in comparison to others.  So much so that we may have, ironically, grown accustomed to and don't even acknowledge it.  At first glance, some things don't really make sense...  a young child fighting to stay alive; a loveless bride; a lonely crowd...

The silence is too loud
For one to bear
My heart cries out, but no one is listening
Tell me this truth is a lie
As I stand by your hospital bed, Rock and Roll playing in the background
I don't dare touch your hand...
Mine is warm while yours are cold

Children coming to visit a parent who's slipping away
None of it makes sense
And why aren't we angry?  Why are we unmoved to break down these doctor's walls?
Why is there a peace in the midst of this agony?
How is there joy within this sorrow?
Why aren't we asking "Where have you gone God?"

Perhaps because God has never left our side.  We recall  distant times, when we felt alone, and yet He was so near to us.  Perhaps that's why there's a glimmer of hope found in tragedy.
And maybe there really is beauty in exchange for ashes.
And maybe there's love to be found in a fallen world. As I ponder... it makes perfect sense!  God uses contrast to get our attention and draw us to Him.  He takes the broken and restores them.  He sustains the hurting.  He cares for the lonely.  In fact, He promises to be with those whose only friend is loneliness...  God's presence breaks through the doors of a room where everyone is awaiting answers and holding on for dear life.  His presence fills the room and sustains those who call on Him, even when the answers come; and the answers are hard to bear.
And we recall... that He, himself knew suffering firsthand.  He too was broken.  And hurting.  And lonely.  And still, He gave His own life so that we may live.  What a wonder!

You see, this life is but a breath... It's a gift.  But it's short lived.  In contrast, God is everlasting life.  And He promises eternal life with Him, for those who believe.  That's the irony in that it makes perfect sense! He is why we find our strength in this weakness, we find peace in turmoil, and we'll find joy in this sorrow.  Lastly, an unforeseen hope that promises us tomorrow for eternity to eternity.

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