Saturday, September 27, 2014

Around the Bend

We were really enjoying the view.  Sitting at the marina right on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  I sat on a bench while the group made its way into the water on their canoes.  And I watched as they began to paddle and soon disappeared from my view.  I was content with just sitting at the shore listening to the sounds of the water splashing the rocks and the birds flying about and soaking in the sunbeams and breeze that caressed my skin.  It was pretty awesome!

And as I sat there contemplating, I realized that although my view was wonderful, I had no idea what it was like for the rest of the group as they traveled on to the other side of the bend.  They were all gone.  I saw them turn into and around the bend, but I would never see or experience what other sights and sounds there might be because I was content with just sitting at the the dock waiting for their return.  And I contemplated further, as God brought to mind that this is, in fact, the way many of us who call ourselves followers and believers of Christ, live our lives.

We are mesmerized by the things that stand right in front of us.  We are taken aback by the here and now.  We get so excited about the things we see God doing on our behalf, that we cannot possibly fathom that He would do even more.  So we are easily content and fail to believe that God may have more in store.  In our short-sightedness, we become complacent and basically put God in a box, as if He was limited or too small to accomplish more with our lives.  We're okay with our current view.  We're fine with warming up a pew.  Dare we dream of more?  Dare we ask for more?  How futile is our way of thinking!  And how limited our mindset.

The God who created man out of dust and gave him life with just one breath, that same God is the God who loves us most of all.  Let's get over the reason why He loves us.  Set aside the fact that we are not worthy.  Let's get to the part when we accept His love for us and welcome His lavishing of mercy and grace upon us.  Maybe then we can begin to fathom that He has so much more for us than we know or imagine.  Maybe then we will be willing enough to trust Him with every aspect of our lives.  Maybe then we will anticipate more from God.  And we'd be willing to dream of more in Him and ask for more through Him.  Maybe then we'd get up from the bench or the pew and anticipate what awaits around the bend.  And in faith we will follow Him right into and around that bend.

1 Corinthians 2:9, But, as it is written, “What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him”—

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