Friday, May 16, 2014

If Only she'd Take Courage

There's a young bride whose dreams have shattered.  The "I do" she whispered not long ago has become much more than what she counted.   On that day she felt happy, but today is a different story.  And all that brought her joy on her wedding day has disappeared.  It seems the well spoken words, hopeful wishes, and heartfelt moments have gone away as well.  Everything has changed.  It seems everything has disappeared, as she stands alone in the middle of the empty rooms surrounded by the scent of the fresh painted walls of what, not too long ago, she considered "our home".

And she waits by the door.  Dinner is ready, but who for?   And she sits by the window, longing for him once more.  And she lies awake at night, wondering if the pain he's caused her will also disappear... like she's disappearing.

And she's almost gone; for sure the person she once was is fleeting.  Not even seeing that there's still more to live for.  Because she's hurting.  Feeling like the little girl whose feelings were crushed when forgotten or excluded.  Only this time, it's so much bigger.

So she hugs her little one, holding back tears every time.  She smiles a broken smile and walks past the broken glass.  Everything seems broken to her.

If only she had the faith... to believe that things can get better.  If only she mustered the courage to anticipate something greater.  If she would just take one more step.  If she would say just one word and believe that God is able to turn it all into good and for the better.
She would find that peace embraces her.  She would learn that love is deeper.  She would see that God is present and will never leave her.  

But if only, she'd take courage.

(Luke 8:40-47)

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