Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Praises on a gloomy day
saying can you reach me still?
the way you did on that day 
when I ran unto my own dead end
but you found me there still...

Praises through the teary eyes
slightly breathing but still seeing 
how you remain faithful
even when I'm unsure of you
because you surely love me

Praises in the brokenness of me
because only you remain
and your strength brings me joy
even though there's pain

Praises because I am made to praise you
in the good times and bad
because your love never waivers
and it keeps me moving toward you
where I belong

Praises on a lonely night
because you promised to never leave 
will you still hold me near?
just like on that night when my world fell apart
and you held it all together in your hands

Praises today because although I feel incapable
your love is patient
and you long for my praise
even if it's contrite
even if it's tear-stained

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