Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm not Your Superhero

Truly we live in a such a broken world. And people cope in different ways. Some people choose to live in denial. Sort of like "out of sight out of mind". Well, the reality is that the theory only seems to work on babies, and even babies grow out of it real quick. Yet, denial leads people to some sort of oblivious way of living. They stay away from anything that seems or feels real. They begin relationships, only to break them. And they only engage in things that do not require commitment. Like one night stands.

Then there are people who want to pretty up the messy world we live in. The mentality is "you only live once" and "life is a gift"! They thrive on instant gratification. They feel like they must achieve and enjoy because life will soon be over. And you might wonder where is the wrong in that? There is some truth to it, isn't there? Well, the problem is in thinking that all that there is to enjoy is now... forgetting that there is an afterlife and eternal life with God. And truly this life is but a shadow of our "real life". Think about that... There is nothing here and of this world that will bring everlasting joy or fulfillment.

And while we have some of us "enjoying every moment", the realities of this fallen life persists. The reality is that there are babies who never see their birthday because there isn't someone who will live for them. The reality is that there are elderly people committing suicide because no one ever stops by to visit. Reality is that there are mothers abandoning their children because of drug addictions and sexual addictions. The reality is that there are men who cheat and lie all for the sake of a reputation. There are murderers and rapists, and child molesters in our very own circle of friends and family.

I hope yo don't think I'm speaking out of turn here. I'm speaking from my very own life experience. My grandfather was a child molester and so was my uncle.

And as of lately, I've been getting to know an orphan, and his situation weighs heavy on my heart. And I wish I could undo the pain and suffering that was caused to him. I wish I could undo the pain being caused on other children just like him all over the world.

And sometimes I feel like I am just a woman standing at the center of the world trying to hold the world together. Like I'm trying to bandage up all of the world's hurts and miseries. I'm trying to heal the sickened and mend the broken. Isn't' that what God called me to do? ....I'm trying

And then I read Isaiah 40:31, "Those who hope in the lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; They will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."
And I realize that I am not God.
Only God is God.
The scripture doesn't read, "those who hope in Lucy..."

I am not this world's Superhero. Only God can fix it. Only God can mend and heal it. Only God can rescue and save.

You see the more I am aware of the needs of this world, and the more I try to do my part, I realize that I am limited. I am but a vessel that God will use. God will use....

And we must stop trying to "pretty it up". The world is what it is because the world needs a savior.

And all that I can do is tell others about that savior, with as few words as possible. My life's story should tell others about who God is and what He is able to do. I can tell others about how I was destined to be a single mother walking the streets of Philly selling drugs and my body... but God rewrote my destiny. God came for me! He saved me...

I am not, in any way saying that we, Christians, are not called to do "kingdom works". In the contrary, we should all be involved in things that will bring the lost to Christ. However, we must keep in my mind that the world does not rotate at the palm of our hands, but that it is God who saves it.

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