Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Andy

Broken String

I gathered the courage to play you a song

With words on my lips

The beat on my fingertips

The rhythm was lovely

The sounds so strong

My heart overflowed

With love

As I strummed on the guitar

I poured out my heart

So fully

So long

But I felt the string snap

And the music was gone

How then shall I play it

The song in my heart?

How then to express it

Without coming apart?

I jumped to my feet

And gathered a dance

To the song in my heart,

I danced and danced

So freely, so swiftly

The breeze in my hair

Lifted and Soaring

I danced in the air

But then I came falling

Down on the ground

My knees so bruised

I couldn't move

So I lay there, with unstable legs and hands

Still with the words on my lips

And the rhythm in my heart

I whispered the words

“take courage, be willing, have mercy, and show grace,

yes there will be heartaches, and there will be hurts,

but you remain loving and faithful to the end"

So when your heart's string is broken, and you cannot move

Know that the love of God can still move through you.

That’s my song of love for you.